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Winter Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning can be tough all on its own, but when we have the dreams of a gorgeous winter wonderland wedding complete with fresh snow, it can be a struggle!

Here’s some ideas to get your creative side rolling for your winter wedding!

Bridal Portrait with Dress Train

When it comes to choosing your venue for your wedding, you’ll want to consider if you’d like something cozy and intimate, dramatic and over the top, or somewhere in between. If you’d like something cozy and intimate, try taking a look at local bed and breakfast inns or smaller lodges, such as the Mansion Inn located in Rock City Falls, NY ( ).
For some added drama to your big day, look for a venue with large windows, and a fireplace to keep the cozy vibes going. Give a look at the Hall of Springs in Saratoga (, which has beautiful architecture while not being too heavy, or the Queensbury Hotel in Queensbury (
which has all of your over-the top dreams of fireplaces, and large windows!
If you’re somewhere in between, try looking at a barn venue! A great example of this is the 1925 barn in Glens Falls (


Saint Mary's Cathedral Church Wedding


Communion Service during Wedding

Your color palette is the next thing after selecting your venue and key vendors that you want to choose when planning your wedding. Your color palette should be something that speaks to you, as this sets the stage for the rest of your wedding. This can be as simple or as complicated as you wish!

Jacob and I chose black, white, and grey for our color palette. We were the “panda couple” in college because we always wore black, and sometimes mixed a little white in! We both love the color black, and felt that it would be more timeless.

Black and White Reception Decor

Black and White Kingdom Hearts Reception Decor

Bonus points if you know what these are!

For your palette, keep in mind the season of your wedding. Summer weddings are great for pastels, and soft, light colors, while winter weddings are for showing off rich burgundies, purples, and jewel tones!



Now let’s take a look at the flowers, as they go hand in hand with your color palette. This is a great part of your wedding to save money in by using flowers that are in season! Now, you don’t have to choose every flower for your bouquets, but it’s good to get some ideas of what you’d like so that you can tell your florist.

Here’s some flowers and fillers that are in season during the winter months:
-Star of Bethlehem
-Holly Berry
-Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
-Blue Spruce
-Red Wood

Remember, simple can be breathtaking!


When it comes to decor, winter weddings have a plethora of options besides the typical summer floral arrangements! You can string lights up along the ceiling and walls, and have centerpieces with floating candles. Holly berries and frosted pine cones amidst circles of evergreen wreaths are also a classic winter choice, and the wreaths can also serve as favors for your family! If you’ll be having a more festive holiday soiree, get some mini Christmas trees and decorate them! You can place very small ones on the tables, and larger ones can be scattered throughout the reception. You could even make a wintry photo booth scene for your guests to take pictures at! If you want to have an indoor winter wonderland, but green isn’t in your color palette, you can also buy faux trees that are silver, or any other color you like!

Next up, take a look at your timeline for the day. With the sun setting much earlier in the winter, you’ll want to be sure to take this into consideration before sending out your invitations.

If your wedding will take place in the afternoon, consider having a first look. This not only allows for you to get most of your pictures done before the ceremony in flattering natural light, but also gives you and your soon to be spouse a chance to enjoy time with each other without guests present.

As you decide on your wedding timeline and a general location of where you’d like to do your pictures, take some time to think about how you and your wedding party will stay warm. Here’s a few suggestions on ways to keep everyone toasty:
-Let everyone bring their own jackets to wear and throw them off to the side for a few quick photos before putting them back on and warming up again.
-Hand warmers!! These are a LIFESAVER. You can buy bulk packs of hand warmers and dish them out to everyone ahead of time. There are also toe warmers that you can buy as well, however these might be more suitable for the groomsmen with closed toe shoes.
-Incorporate shawls into your bridesmaids outfits! You can go with a wool shawl to keep things simple, or go with a faux fur shawl to ~elevate~ the look.
-Blankets!! One of my FAVORITE pictures was a result of a gorgeous bride and groom bringing a fluffy blanket that they had bought in their wedding colors! This allowed them to not only warm up between shots, but also snuggle under it for some pictures because it fit their color palette! If you choose to go this route, make sure you purchase a blanket that’s big enough to fit around you and your husband.

Bride and Groom Portraits Using a Blanket

Purchasing a blanket in your wedding color is a great way to stay warm for pictures-and get some great snuggling time in with your new spouse!

After you’ve nailed everything down up to this point, the next to look at is FOOD!! Everyone loves food, and weddings are no exception! With the arctic temps outside, we have every excuse to get all of the savory comfort food, and piping hot beverages!

You can keep things casual with some comfort foods like grilled cheese with tomato soup, or go the Olive Garden route and have an elegant soup and salad combo. You can also have richer, more savory foods such as stews and casseroles that are too heavy for the warmer months. An array of stuffed peppers, loaded baked potatoes, cornbread, salad, and a minestrone soup would be appreciated by all guests!

Hot Cocoa

For drinks, try a hot cocoa bar! This can be a super fun and quirky way to let your guests warm up. Stock up on the essentials like marshmallows and whipped cream, but also allow your guests to be creative! Have some recooked on hand so that guests can browse through to see what they’d like. You can try peanut butter, cinnamon, or even raspberry! You can also get some cute mason jars and labels so that guests can take some home! Here’s a great website to check for inspiration:
Gourmet teas and spiced ciders are also a fabulous way to warm up your chilled guests. For cold festive drinks, try a Shirley temple, cranberry apple punch, or a cranberry Vanilla Coke-tail with sugar dipped cranberries (recipe here:, which looks delicious and classy!

I hope these thoughts help as you plan your winter wonderland wedding!

February 24, 2019

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Photography by kj
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