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Frozen In Time

That winter, after much discussion and deliberation, I withdrew from my savings account to purchase a Nikon D3000 that my mom had seen on sale. I went crazy with that camera! Almost every day, I would take pictures. At the time, we lived in the Finger Lakes, right next to Lake Seneca-and I mean RIGHT next to it. Between the rolling fields, incredible lakeside view, and being smack in the middle of wine country, I had plenty of inspiration all around me. God bless my dear mother, because Lord knows how many times I asked her to drive me around, and pull over on the side of the road so that I could get my shot!

Over the next few years, I would go on day trips with the other homeschoolers in the church, and take pictures. One winter, my friend, AnnMarie, and I, decided that because there wasn't any snow, and we wanted to take winter pictures, we would BUY fake snow! Who does that?! Obviously, we did, because we were crazy enough! 

As I shot more and more, I became known as the Camera Girl. Whether it was at the archery range, summer camp, or family and church events, I was always looking through a viewfinder! By the time that I shot my third wedding, I realized that my skills were being limited by my camera, and decided it was time to invest in an upgrade.  From there, it's history! 

Hello friend! My name is Kayla Johnson, and I began my love for photography  when I was a teen. My first camera was a Nikon CoolPix that my parents had gave me for my missions trip to Peru in the summer of 2009. It was here that I realized how many amazing things there were to capture, and how precious those pictures were at preserving the memories. When I got home, I took my camera everywhere. If you knew me back then, you knew I always had to have three things with me at all times: a book (or two), a water bottle (yet I was almost always dehydrated!), and my camera!
Later that summer, while at a graduation party for my cousin, one of my uncles saw me taking pictures, and told me to try out his DSLR. It was a whole new world! I had the freedom to control all of the camera settings, and get ~creative~ I could play with the aperture, or with the shutter speed, and what was an ISO?!? I was so hungry for any knowledge I could soak up! I read many books that summer, and tried all the techniques I could on my CoolPix.

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Photography by kj
Frozen In Time